The Creative Unleashed

So I want to announce an exciting new venture that myself and 2 talented friends are embarking on. Back in 2016, we started workshops here in Gijón in Improvisation Theatre in English and called ourselves ‘Improvised English’. The idea was for non-native English speakers to improve their confidence with the language in a dynamic and fun way, but also to simply explore communication and spontaneity. Since then, our numbers have grown and we now have a regular group of people who attend our workshops. Then we thought, well why not in Spanish too? And so ‘Impromente’ was born; Improvisation workshops in Spanish.

We then began to think about expanding into other creative arts workshops and so came up with an overall company name- ‘The Creative Unleashed’. We are now busy planning an improv comedy night, that we hope will become a regular installment. Watch this space! 🙂

Please check out our website for more information: