I grew up in the small town of Camberley in England and started out in musical theatre from a young age. As an accomplished actress, singer and dancer, I appeared in several professional theatre productions at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury before gaining a masters degree in Drama & Theatre from The University Of Kent. During my studies, I was afforded the opportunity of a year abroad in Indiana, USA, where I landed the lead role of Thyona in Charles Mee’s Big Love at the Wells Metz Theatre.  In Indiana, I also trained in movement for theatre with George Pinney (Tony Award Nominee).

In 2009, I relocated to Los Angeles to train with well-respected industry professionals in the realm of Film and TV.  During my time in LA, my training included on-camera technique with Zora Dehorter and Andy Henry (CSI), scene study with Jim Holmes and Rob Brownstein, commercial technique with James Levine and hosting to camera with Amaya Brecher (MTV’s The Real World). I also trained in Improvisation and discovered a real love for this type of theatre. I appeared in a web series and a few short films whilst in LA and returned to the UK at the end of 2010 feeling more versatile, having had experience in both Film/ TV and Theatre.

On my return to the UK, I appeared in several short films, danced in music videos, hosted for a corporate company and worked alongside David Domoney (TV Gardener on This Morning and 60min Makeover) and Dave Lindill (TV- ‘Magic Dave’), appearing as an actress in events such as Little Red Riding Hood.

In 2013, I moved to Madrid, Spain, where I discovered various professional opportunites in theatre and voiceover work. I was able to return to my musical theatre roots through appearing as Jasmine in the pantomime production of Aladdin. I also had regular work as a voiceover artist for ESL listening exercises, and collaborated with several educational companies, including Pearson.

In 2014, I successfully auditioned for Moving On Theatre Company and found myself relocating to the beautiful region of Asturias, Northern Spain.  For 2 years, I performed in over 320 shows all over the country in a 2 person team, where the job was not only about performing but also managing all the technical aspects, including set up/take down of the sound system and set. Each year, I performed to a variety of audiences, ranging from children to adults.

Although I loved life on the road and performing in theatres all over the country, after 2 years I was ready to settle in Gijon, Asturias. In 2016, I set up a new company with my previous tour partner and his wife, called The Creative Unleashed. Under this name, we began weekly workshops to teach Improvisational Theatre to adults. Originally, this started in English for people learning the language but with living in Spain, this then expanded into 2 workshops a week- Improvised English for English speakers and Impromente for Spanish speakers. Through teaching Improvisation, I have found that I am able to channel all my previous experience into workshops that promote spontaneity and self confidence. We continue to run these workshops today and are looking to expand into more creative opportunities very soon.

I love working with children and currently teach English part time in an academy. I have previously taught musical theatre and street dance to kids aged 4-14yrs. I am also a strong soprano singer and proficient dancer in street, modern and disco.

I embrace the versatility my training has given me and am available for acting work in TV/Film/Theatre but also singing/dancing events, voiceover work, presenting/hosting and modelling.

Here is my latest CV